I’ve been teaching piano lessons for over thirty years. I am proud to share these testimonials from some of my students.

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“Brings knowledge to others in a supportive, fun and stimulating environment…”

“Leanne Schafer is that rare person who possesses both a masterful knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to bring that knowledge to others in a supportive, fun and stimulating environment. She understands and is patient with working adult students like myself who have very busy schedules and must carve out the time for the peace and pleasure that playing the piano brings to a person’s life. When I was recently faced with the belt-tightening question of choosing between canceling my house cleaning service or my piano lessons, I happily picked up the mop and bucket! Thank you, Leanne for being the light of my musical journey. “

Starley Wagner

“Her challenging yet encouraging ways have me enjoying playing again!”

“I’ve been seeing Leanne Schafer for piano lessons for about a year and a half now. I took lessons as a child but, before working with Leanne, had long been afraid to play as an adult because I was so out of practice and had forgotten so much of what I’d once known. With good humor and a keen eye, Leanne has taught me so much in a very short amount of time. Her experience, knowledge, and instinctive knack for the instrument is obvious. As an adult student, I appreciate her balanced focus on both the basics and more sophisticated nuances, as well as her flexibility with and support of my specific interests. Her challenging yet encouraging ways have me enjoying playing again.”

Stephanie Monzon. 

“Highly skilled teacher. A positive influence.”

My son has been taking piano lessons from Leanne Schafer for nearly four years. Ms. Schafer is a highly skilled teacher who combines the perfect mixture of patience, encouragement, and assertiveness. She always manages to not only challenge Mason to do better each week, but keeps him interested by personalizing his lessons with music pieces to suit his taste. Ms. Schafer has been an incredibly positive influence in my son’s life, and I highly recommend her instruction

Angela Simon

“They are way ahead of me now!”

My girls have been taking piano lessons with Ms. Schafer for about a year and they learn a lot. I used to be able to follow their lessons in the beginning but they’re way ahead of me now. They surprised me with their wonderful songs and their theories knowledge. Thank you Ms. Schafer!

Katy N. 

“A perfect fit for me as a piano teacher. A fun time!”

Leanne is a perfect fit for me as a piano teacher. Each week I do practice and look forward to my lesson. After many years of self-playing, and as I said, on and off lessons, Leanne provides a stable lesson plan for me. She guides my poor fingering, keeps my left hand playing softer, and is great at catching my counting errors. All of this is done in a sincere, friendly way so that I am not embarrassed. Each week I enjoy my piano lesson, I learn new things, play good music, and have a good, even fun time.

Melanie A. Rochin

“Patient piano teacher. Brings out the best in her students.”

My two children and I have been students of Leanne Schafer for the last couple of years. She combines firmness, with kindness to bring out the best in her students. She maintains high standards for her students, while adapting to their individual needs. Students learn all aspects of piano music, and the techniques needed to become proficient..”

Jane Gebhart

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